Curve Metal Card delivered to wrong address

I am looking for some help. I am in the UK and I have had the postman knock on my door and tell me that he accidentally posted a small slim black box with my address on through the wrong door which I realised was my metal card. No one was in and I have been unable to get it back since. My main worry are the virtual card details the same as the card delivered. I have be able to remove all cards but the one for curve membership monthly payments.

I have tried contacting customer support over the last 48hrs. No response. I have contact the police and the post office. I have references for both. I am at a loss about what to do. This was meant to make my life easier but has just been awful.

Normally I would say first thing to do is lock your Curve card itself in the app, but I guess since it hasn’t been in your possession it probably isn’t activated yet? And so it’s not possible to lock?
But that also means that the person that has received your Curve card will not be able to activate your Curve card, because in order to do so he will need access to your Curve app. So he/she will not be able to use your physical card (details) as long as the card isn’t activated.

Your virtual card details change at the time you activate your physical card. So the virtual card details you see in the app are different than the details on your non-activated physical card.

Give them a nudge on Twitter (@AskCurve). They normally respond over there faster than the support team.

There also is a phone number you can call when your Curve card is lost/stolen. Can be found below:


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