Curve Metal card not being able to be used anywhere, no answer from support

There seems to be quite a few postings from others, so I am concerned. My curve card is being rejected, can’t be used anywhere, and I’ve had no replies despite numerous messages with support.

Have other people recently been able to use their curve cards or are we looking at collapse in company? Really frustrated as I paid for annual membership for this ie it was not cheap…

I have been using my Curve card this afternoon just fine.

Also here:

no issues are reported, neither on their social media channels.

So this looks like an issue with your personal Curve account. Since in this community we are users just like you, we can not help you with that. Please contact Curve support from the app or by email (
As you write that you have already done this, ask for an update on Twitter (@AskCurve) on the status of your support ticket.

Yep no recent issues for me either, I believe most of the issues have been for transactions in HUF but I think that is in the process of being resolved (if not already fixed)?

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What issues are you experiencing? I’ve had metal for almost 8 months and only had 1 issue. That issue was due to the card limit being £2,000 at the start. It’s higher now (P.S I’m UK based)

Think it’s been sorted now. Curve blocked my card and have now unblocked it…fingers crossed. Think posting on this forum geed up the customer service though…

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