Curve Metal Card Query

Hi, Quick one.

I’ve been trying to persuade (force) my girlfriend to join Curve. As of 5 minutes ago she has agreed, BUT, only if I get her the Rose Gold Metal Card - anyone know if you take out 2 Metal Cards you get a discount?

Thought I’d ask.


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Hi Joshua

Glad to hear that you have persuaded her :grin:

Unfortunately, there is no discount for taking out 2 metal cards but you can get a referral!

Thanks for your support :blush:

Hi Abi

Thanks for the swift response. Can you also set out what the terms are with Metal as the website doesnt share much? So is it £50 fee to replace the card if lost (from what I’ve heard)? Minimum subscription? Etc Etc. I don’t want to take this out and then she gets bored of it and it’s wasted!

Thank you!

Okay, she’s steamed ahead and has set it up!

2 year mission complete.

TO ADD: Can we hurry up and launch the black metal card please as I’m now going to be now jealous as I’m still on Black Membership. :pleading_face::tired_face:

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You’re an investor, so if you subscribe to metal, you should be able to get the metal investor card, and that’s black, isn’t it?
But check with support first, especially if you already got the red plastic investor card.

Only get the investors black if you invested over £25,000 (from memory) which I certainly wouldn’t be in a relationship if I’d spent that much :joy::joy: I opted out of the investors card as I didn’t like the design. The central logo is what I prefer. It’s rumoured that a standard black metal card is on the cards and that’s what I am holding out for…

I’d say she’s over the moon… :joy:


Hope she enjoys it! Rose Gold is a beautiful color

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Thanks Pedro! I’m sure she will!