Curve metal card without upgrade

I live in Germany. I use the curve blue. it is my favorite card for everyday life. My question is:
Can I order a metal card without upgrading my plan??
i like to pay the £ 50 unique and stay in curve blue plan??

No, that’s not possible.

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Thank you for your answer.
(1)i could upgrade to metal. then I would get the metal card sent to me.
(2)how long would i have to keep the metal plan in order to downgrade it to blue plan?
(3) after the downgrade, could i keep the metal card and continue to use it with blue plan?


To be able to downgrade for free this is 6 months. If you would downgrade before that time, you need to pay £50 for the Metal card.

You can keep it, but it will no longer work. You will be sent a new Curve blue card.

it’s sad that my idea doesn’t work.
Thank you for your answers.

As far as I know your idea still works for another big FinTech.

And since you live in Germany there is a bank that offers free Metal cards with their free account.

Both are not Curve, but both are Metal cards.

no thanks.
i only carry the curve card around in my wallet.

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