Curve metal card

If you upgrade to Metal you cannot be grandfathered afterwards. More info: Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering

If I upgraded to metal, how long does the card take to arrive?

You’ll have your Metal card 3-7 days after your order :slight_smile:

Is there a fee for replacement cards if you loose one?

It will be specified in the Terms and Conditions. We will publish them as soon as they are ready :slight_smile:

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Hi Marie , I opted for yearly subscription and has been charged to my main card directly. Hence going back in time is not allowed . Going by the message’s. Will I be eligible for a refund on the subscription.
Many thanks

Customers Support can look into this and sort you out :slight_smile:

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It would be great if Curve could give us a choice to buy a Metal card with basic subscription. I think there are a lot of people that dont need travel or gadget insurance and dont see anything interesting in Metal subscription, but would like to have that Metal card only because it looks great. You want it? OK, you can pay it - and thats it! Someone like me who already have gadget and travel insurance from other company, it would be really stupid to pay that again and not using it, but buying a Curve Metal card would be like buying a shirt you like - it cost XY euros, if you want it you can have it! Simple as that! At the end - I am satisfied as a customer and will use that card much more just because it looks great and Curve is satisfied because they probably earned much more then this metal card cost for them.


Some interesting points @DancingPotato.

Curve will probably be reviewing the product structure and certainly have received a lot of feedback on the possible options (if which there appears to be numerous :grin:), including that of it’s subscription packages.

We’ll surely learn more in the coming weeks…

Having now used the metal card for several weeks, I have found that the weight issue @Curve_Marie mentions is a real problem: twice the card has slipped out of my wallet and onto the ground as I lifted the wallet out of my pocket (fortunately I noticed) as the ‘weight to friction ratio’ makes the metal card MUCH more likely to fall out than a traditional plastic card. Fortunately my wallet is of the ‘tri-fold’ design and keeping the metal card in the section under the tri-fold flap overcomes the problem. But not all wallets are tri-fold…

Hmm - a practical take on the use of the metal card. I guess you need to have one to assess that, though. (I’d still like one - one day…) :thinking:

I’ve had a metal (Chase Sapphire Preferred) for 2.5 years and never had problems with it slipping out of a wallet. With respect to tusker’s experience, I wouldn’t expect this problem unless the wallet you’re using already has rather loose card slots.

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We are so thrilled that our customers are excited about Metal!

We will most likely continue to offer three tiers with their respective product bundles: free, paid, and premium. The offering will develop based on (not limited to) customer feedback, technical feasibility, and sustainability. Curve Metal is a part of the Mastercard World Elite programme that has a set list of criteria, including insurance. The Lounge Key benefit is part of the programme and therefore our Metal card. In other words, the Metal card is more than what meets the eye.

@tusker After reducing the content of my wallet I found using a hair tie around it did the trick :slight_smile: Will replace the wallet with a cardholder.

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@DancingPotato I was about to post a similar post! thanks for saving me the time - I too would love to have just the metal card - (though I would like the perks too they dont apply to me for tax residency reasons) - the normal one generates interest and moves more people to Curve, so I imagine the metal one works better in that respect - as for heavy cards falling out of wallets, @tusker my wallet is a Secrid and nothing falls out of that

If you can just buy the metal card for a few quid it takes the whole premium aspect away from the product.

You can’t just buy the American Express Platinum or Black card just because you like the design on the card!


Yeah, by allowing people to just buy the metal card would totally take away the premium aspect of it but, I would love the ability to switch off certain features like the insurance, if you already have it with someone else, for a discount. But its all about finding a balance as someone could just switch off all the features of the metal card and just keep the card for a monthly fee.


Interesting. I didn’t realise that World Elite required insurance. Makes sense why Curve are so insistent on the insurance now.

Out of interest, why did Curve choose to make their metal card world elite? The benefits appear to be worth about £0/year


Don’t really think the insurance alone justifies the monthly fees. Plenty of credit cards offer insurances for no annual or monthly fees, tough those are generally regular or gold cards. Does world elite require some specific type of insurance?