Curve metal card

I would certainly tell customers to be aware of parking machines in Canada (the last remaining few that aren’t contactless anyway) and the US as they are notorious for getting metal cards stuck in them. Most of them suck in the card and spit it out a few seconds later but metal cards generally get jammed (This is a common problem at Calgary airport and Dallas airport and you sometimes have to wait an hour for them to rescue your card).

Probably better to warn customers ahead of time and be cautious than have angry customers with lost cards while they are travelling.

it’s the first time i hear about Parking machines swallowing cards… usually in parking machines , you can hold the card during all the transaction process, even in US where i was 4 years for my job…( but not in Dallas, that’s right :slight_smile: … The card is swallowed only on ATM and Highway tolls… But after your post, i’ll be aware to carry a plastic card each time in my wallet…BTW, finally, the right way is maybe to keep the plastic Curve ( black or blue) and use it in all these cases …

It’s usually pretty common in mall carparks as well when you pay at the exit (in fact even one of the car parks in Norwich (UK), sucks in the card and spits it out).

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I’ve just unflagged then, I’m not sure why it did it…

It sometimes edits my posts too, I’ll have a chat with Marie see if we can get to the bottom of it

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Well, @Canadianspruce, you should jolly well wash your mouth out !! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Hello Marie ! Another question about the metal subscription… Will it be possible to go back in time with the monthly payment if done with the wrong underlying card ? :wink:

No, I only got one. Haven’t heard any scratch complaints from the Curve Team yet :slight_smile:

So do we! We will launch it ASAP :smiley:

That is a great idea for the new category you suggested: Travelling with Curve!

Yes :slight_smile: Making subscriptions more straightforward is also on the product roadmap.

ok Marie.
Oh, maybe i have missed something…The colour, on metal cards, is only on ONE face ? the back is always black?

The Black and Blue card will remain the same and there are three different Metal colours: Blue, Rose, and Red :slight_smile:

No Marie, No !
On the animated .gif we can see the 3 colours, yes, but the back of each one is always Black…

Aaaaaah - now I’m with you! :woman_facepalming:

Yes, the backside of the card is black. Having the full card in Metal would make the contactless very hard to use. The card would also literally weigh down your wallet too much.

Looking for clarification… I went for the annual subscription and I’m not sure if I’m entitled to the free months off… In the emails, etc, it only says you get the free months off if you go for the £14.99 monthly. Has anyone got any clarification around this? Thanks a bunch!

ok. that means the backside is plastic ?

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When will the card be available to apply?

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Hybrid card, part metal and part pvc . Only way the antenna for contactless will work. All card manufacturers are going this way. Not solid metal like the original design

Yeh I inquired about this and can report that you are only entitled to the free months when going with the monthly subscription. I also wondered the same as obviously the annual is discounted.