Curve metal card

Will the new Curve Metal card be a MasterCard Debit or MasterCard Prepaid card?

Isn’t that pretty messed up? Or unfair treatment for early beta users? Cc @Curve_Marie

Those who have opted for the annual, whilst getting a two month discount by paying upfront, are losing out on 2 extra months free? We have paid upfront and thus given Curve revenue early on (rather than monthly recurring revenues) and as a result, received less benefits? :thinking:

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Perhaps you can go on monthly-basis for first 5 months, then pay for the discounted year upfront?

I’m awaiting clarification on this - will share info as soon as I have it :slight_smile:

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Yeah I do agree. Its what swayed me to opt for the monthly subscription. Otherwise I would of gone for the annual if it included the 4 free months

Out of curiosity, why will Metal only launch in UK? (I understand about the benefits, but there some of us that might pay the fee for the cash limits and metal card alone)

We are only licensed to issue it in the UK for now and are working on bringing the offer to all our customers :slight_smile:


I echo your concern about the annual vs monthly Metal disparity in incentive for signing up early, Justin. Thanks for raising it. I opted to sign. Up for monthly anyway, so two months equivalent free use seemed better than none. Curve seem like fair-minded people so hopefully they will find an equitable solution.


My Metal card did not scratch in the ATM :slight_smile:

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Ok !!! :slight_smile: Pleasant to hear that you did it ! as said before…!
Thanx again Marie for the support you give here for us all.!

Shame that metal isn’t yet available for France…

Beta Testers who paid the annual fee will be refunded so you’ll have 4 months of Metal for free. Please contact Customer Support and they’ll help you out :slight_smile:

Cc: @rtfq

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Is this an auto-refund or will we need to reach out?

I went for CURVE METAL monthly on the basis that two months free was better than nothing. So is it too late to change from monthly to annual subscription. I’m happy to pay for the rest of the year up front now to get the full four months free… If so, let me know how the process would work… Many thanks


well, I’ve signed up for my trial of Curve Metal. I doubt I’ll continue after the trial as £15 per month is just too much and the insurances have no value to me. we’ll see, though.

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Would like to know this too as went for monthly as it included the free months making it a better deal. Would like to change to annual if the free months are also available @Curve_Marie

Hello team,

Please can there be a black/silver or even grey version of the metal card. It seems to me a bit strange to have a “premium card” in quite generic colours.

Let me flex :joy:

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You need to contact Customer Support.

You can indeed change from annual to monthly subscription. Customers Support will help you out. You can reach them via your app or :slight_smile:

cc: @JamesH

@Jago117 You ca cast your vote here: BLACK color metal card :smiley:

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I’m getting pretty confused. Is the latest update that if you’re on the original Black that you have three months to trial new Black or two months to try new Metal with the option of going back to the old grandfathered/original Black we paid £50 for? Can you please confirm @Curve_Marie?

If you upgrade to Metal you cannot be grandfathered afterwards. More info: Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering

If I upgraded to metal, how long does the card take to arrive?