Curve Metal - COVID-19 travel insurance cover

I am looking at the Curve Metal card travel insurance and can find no mention on the website with regards to COVID, which surely must be important to people other than me to understand. I am keen to take out Curve Metal and comparing to Monzo Premium (which has similar perks) but explains how they manage COVID claims clearly. Do I take it from the lack of information that there is no cover for anything COVID related? In particular :

  1. Cover should the country I am booked to travel to close their borders
  2. Cover should the UK advise against travel to the country I am travelling to
  3. Cover should I contract COVID before I travel which prevents me from travelling based on the rules in place at the time I would travel.
  4. Cover if I should be ill with COVID whilst on holiday.

Has anyone had any luck working out the details?

I now have answers to some of my worries but I tried following the link from March 2020 that was posted by @Marie Coronavirus Guidance (AXA) - #2 by Curve_Marie
This link is incorrect (this is not detail for the Curve product it is for AXA Direct) and the number it provides is wrong. It takes you to AXA ‘Direct’ which is no longer taking new policies and I need the number for Curve Insurance that is underwritten by AXA which I cannot find has anyone found that so I can get an answer on if I will be covered for testing positive to COVID before I travel.

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How do I contact AXA?

If you’ve any questions about your policy, you can always get in touch with AXA Travel Insurance:

To make a claim on your AXA insurance, you can do it online by clicking here.

If you have any questions relating to your AXA insurance, you can email or call using your local number. You can find it on the first page of your AXA Terms & Conditions document.

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Thanks poeliev. I have now managed to talk to AXA and confirm that the policy does cover you if you fall ill with covid 19 and therefore unable to travel.

Sorry new to forums so not certain if this is the normal way to just say thanks for the help :slight_smile:


did you go direct to Axa to make inquiries about this, did you have a successful claim…thanks

Hi, was this confirmed that cancellation if you cancel due to someone travelling in the family having Covid please ? Has anyone actually claimed successfully on that basis ?

After more than two years into the insurance is not stated explicitaly if the insurence cover Covid19 infection while traveling?

Any official news?

I wrote to the support but they will answer back within 30 days; in 30 days I will hopefully back to work since 20 days.

Contacted AXA.

Covid19 is now considered a normal disease so we are supposed to be covered, except it is contracted while traveling in areas the Foreign Travel Minister advised against.

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