Curve metal early Subscription renewal with a new card

I think I have misplaced my metal Physical card and I know renewal is in the region of £50. My metal subscription is to expire on 03 June 2022. I wouldn’t want to pay £50 for card replacement now and £150 two months later for subscription renewal to make a total of £200.
I have read threads here that easiest way to get free metal replacement is by downgrading to Blue first and immediately subscribe again for Metal and get your new free card.
I wouldn’t want to do that though I may take that route.

Now my question is can’t Curve offer me a chance to renew my metal subscription now (about 2 months left) and I get a free card?
I know it is my mistake to misplace the card but I will obviously take the cheaper option. @Curve_Joel

Hi @Daddykay, our support team charge to reissue your Curve card on a case-by-case basis. Have you lost your Metal card many times in the past? If this is your first or even second time then it’s likely that our support team will be happy to replace the card now, free of charge.


This is the first time. I am waiting to hear from support and then weigh the options I have.
Thanks for the reply

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Customer support have agreed to issue me a free replacement card since it is the first time I am requesting for one. I have also had the option to change colour. :wink:

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to request :black_large_square: :eyes:

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I obviously went for that with no second thought.


I hope you enjoy spending with it when it arrives!

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