Curve Metal has landed in Europe

Curve Metal has landed in Europe

Put your entire wallet on 18g of heavy metal.

It’s filled with premium perks.

Get cashback that never expires Phone Insurance
Double your retailers and earn cashback, forever. You’re covered if it gets lost, damaged or stolen.
Use Curve Fronted, free! Take money out, fee-free
Pay your tax and credit card bills with any credit cards you add to Curve. Spread the cost and rack up more rewards. No fees for international ATM withdrawals of up to €600 per month.
Travel with cover Spend on adventures, not fees
Lost bag? Flight delayed? We’ll cover it. Including up to 15m in medical costs. Unlimited fee-free spending abroad on weekdays.
And loads more...

What’s this feature, can’t seem to find any more details on this?
Is there a specific feature for paying credit card bills with other cards, or is it a generic feature to pay any bill with curve?

What are the “loads more” please that are specific to metal as I’m still considering an upgrade. Thanks.

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See Curve Fronted - An Important Update

Great news of Metal landing on the Continent and in Belgium!
However… Without MAESTRO card support it’s still just half-baked…

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If Curve supported AMEX i would get this in a heartbeat…

You can compare the tiers here:

What I don’t understand is that Curve is launching this marketing campaign for the new Curve Metal … but Investors are still waiting for out Curve Metal … it doesn’t make sense to me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’d have thought it was actually fairly sensible in that this is potentially bringing in more revenue by expanding the potential Metal customer base in Europe? I also don’t see how it is taking anything away from cards for investors?


I see curve metal is €14.99 in Europe but still £14.99 in the UK making the Europeans getting same for less money and the British paying more how can this be allowed @Curve_Marie any reason to why UK costs more than Europe for metal

Do not complain please as you had Metal available several months before us in Europe and now you have Google Pay, Samsung Pay etc. which we in Europe still don’t have available for our Curve Cards… :thinking: And we’ll see what exchange rate will GBP have after you really leave EU - may be you will than have the subscription cheaper with the same price… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: What another potential benefit of the Brexit for you! :joy::wink:


We want benefit in the UK if exchange rate dives £1 is alway less than others cause you always get more euros dollars etc if it goes other way and more pounds than euros then pound will fail for outside the country people coming here would benefit

But you would benefit that your Curve Card subscription would be cheaper, that’s what I meant in reply to your previous post about subscription (currently) being more expensive in UK than in EU. :wink:

Agreed - amex and I become a £10-15 pcm customer

Hey, the two currencies will naturally continue to fluctuate and it wouldn’t be possible to change the subscription price every day/week. It’s better to keep them the same, mainly for simplicity.

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The only solution for you is to join back the EU and to finally adopt euros :yum:

Miss UK in EU.
Lots of love from France


Wasn‘t Curve Metal already launched throughout europe back in March? :thinking:

@Curve_Marie I just received an email about Curve Metal being available in Spain. I thought that was already the case for at least 3 months. Was this just a delayed announcement or does that mean that the Curve Metal card will now be issued with a Spanish BIN too like the Blue?


I would take Metal the same day that Maestro is available on Curve.

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