Curve Metal; high volume transactions to NS&I

Has anyone received this email. I expected with Curve Metal there is no such restrictions to spend anywhere you want?

Just be careful as could be a scam. Can’t see why curve would need verification.
Tip, if you ever get emails, hover over the buttons, ‘DO NOT PRESS OR CLICK LINKS’. But, as you hover your mouse pointer over the links, you will see it highlighted in most email clients the website address, if it looks different or suspicious, do not click any links as could be phishing links.

The link goes to something like , not Curve. So I dono if it is real or not. Considering the spelling error of HOpe in the email too. Probably a phishing scam.

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Curve does actually use Onfido for KYC.

I searched Curve help for onfido and nothing turned up. Also I have been a Curve user for 4 years, why now ask for verification? Just all seems a bit fishy to me atm.

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Me personally, i would just hold until you get more confirmation from curve

I have emailed support asking these questions. :+1:t4:

no, this is not a scam. you have to do the kyc procedure on onfido for curve. that was the case already 2 years ago, no change in this. in the beginning no verification was needed for registration, a lot of users still have to do the kyc procedure. for some time this is part of the registration process

curve is currently sending out a lot of similar messages: some users have to remove cards that are not belong to them, some users have to provide some information about certain transactions

Thanks for the info. I will do the KYC then, would be nice to see in the email they are using onfido for verification and it’s a legitimate link. Or even better have the link go to Curve website.

Got a response from Curve support that using card at NS&I is against the terms and conditions, I guess paying for Metal and getting Frontend is still not enough to use the card everywhere. 🤷🏼

Interesting. Did they give you a detailed explanation? Maybe NS&I transactions are money orders.

Most likely money orders

Well, probably not, because those are must be blocked like gambling and crypto related transactions.

Malik, if you’ve got this message & you can’t understand why then I’m very surprised. If you think multiple NS&I transactions with no valid source of funds isn’t going to raise questions then you’re very naive. If you were investing a windfall eg. proceeds from property sale or inheritance then you have nothing to worry about. I suspect this isn’t the case though?

Curve is stupidly violating their own anti-phishing guidance: Training users to be phished

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Interesting. I thought the whole point of Fronted was to enable NS&I and HMRC payments with credit cards. I can’t find where it says NS&I payments were not allowed in T&Cs.