Curve Metal included travel insurance

Hi all. I’m off on holiday to Asia in a couple of weeks. Will be the first time abroad since I enrolled with Curve Metal. Is the included travel insurance worth the paper (or computer screen) that it is written on or should I get separate cover to make sure I have no problems? Has anyone actually claimed successfully or unsuccessfully on it? I’m mostly concerned about medical insurance and to make sure I can get back home in the unlikely event of illness or injury.

Any advice much welcomed :slight_smile:

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Good question @Jameegray1. I would love to hear how others have got on using the insurance also.

Hey @Jameegray1, your best bet here would be to contact AXA so you double check everything with them! I’ll provide the contact numbers here.

UK (Metal): +44 (0) 203 887 29 49
Portugal: +351 210 200 135
France: +33 1 707 512 18
Spain: +34 91 414 37 28
Italy: +39 02 360 037 32
Ireland: +353 144 751 67
Germany: +49 221 828 296 92

And the insurance documents for reference - :slight_smile:

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Why is the age limit so low, 70?, when others allow 80?

Why are we not allowed to upgrade it at a premium if over 70?

Is Curve ageist?

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Sadly seems to be a common feature from AXA - Amex Platinum (£500-odd a year) has the same limit. Seems very short-sighted given the ageing population as it excludes a large number of customers.

Simple matter of risk analysis - people over 70 are probably much more likely to file a claim and therefore insuring them is not profitable.

No. IIRC the miserly maximum trip length rules out almost all my travel.

Check the policy for a “double cover” exclusion clause before you purchase a separate policy. I don’t deal with travel insurance but I’m pretty certain it’s one of the policy types that likes to exclude cover for anything which you might already be insured for elsewhere. If the other policy had a similar wording, you may end up with no cover at all and having two policies may not actually help you.

Note my use of “may” Policies are all about the wording and there is no substitute for reading them or getting a broker to do it all for you.

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This travel insurance is very basic.

I wouldn’t rely on it. I don’t think it’s worth the “paper it’s written on”. It doesn’t have enough cover for the things that are listed either.


Unless I’m very mistaken, you get 90 days. This seems quite long for travel insurance.

“The duration of any trip may not exceed 90 consecutive days.”

Thanks. I think that might have changed but if not my bad.