Curve Metal Insurance (UK) - Mobile

I tried to make use of the curve metal mobile insurance which is advertised through the app as a distinct offering from the travel insurance. My claim was declined and AXA have said that there is no seperate mobile insurance offered from Curve and this is only offered as part of the Travel Insurance benefit. My claim was declined as I was not on a trip.

Please could someone at Curve clarify the situation?

Hello @danje,

which subscription do you have?
Black / Metal
(only metal includes Gadget/Phone Insurance)

You can check your insurance documents in the Curve app → Account → Insurance → Phone Insurance

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Put in a complaint with Axa, they have misunderstood the Metal policy. You are covered.

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I have the Curve Metal Subscription.

I think there is a lot of confusion around this. The policy numbers for both Travel Insurance and “Mobile Phone Insurance” are identical and the official AXA documentation for both, point to the same policy documents. There is a reference to Mobile Phone Insurance, but this exists within the context of the Travel Insurance policy only.

General gadget insurance (i.e. not just Mobile Phones) seems to have been dropped by Curve some time ago.

Can anyone point to an actual AXA policy document that covers Mobile Phones (other than the travel insurance policy) -as from what I can establish, there is just one policy, travel insurance that has a carve out for mobile phones. However, to claim on this, you have to be on a trip and if in your home country, have spent 2 nights in paid accomodation.

I just called Axa Insurance.

The Phone Insurance is included in your travel insurance. It only counts if you travel abroad or if you are 100km away from your home and booked atleast 2 nights.


Indeed. To my mind this is standard travel insurance personal possession coverage which any decent policy would have with some extra terms for mobile phones - but not what I expect most customers believe they have given the way it’s marketed.

It’s very misleading the way Curve present and advertise this as a seperate and distinct benefit from the travel insurance:


@Curve_Joel Any clarifications/planned upgrade on the metal plan?

I dropped my phone on a vacation, e-mailed axa about it… like a month later I got a reply that it wasn’t covered and they said I was on curve black instead of metal (I had given them the insurance number)

And that it needs to be reported to the police within 24h in case of theft or loss…

So I don’t really see the insurance as usable… more a gimmick… It’s not easy to see what’s covered and when you try to make a claim it takes ages… looks good at first glance

I was looking at upgrading to metal with this in mind so worrying to see this.

Definitely not how Curve are advertising it.

Screenshot from the upgrade section of the app attached.

It also says “Already have travel or mobile phone insurance? Consider wether this product is still right for you.” Surely the OR differentiates them as separate products

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T&C’s of Metal first point "Accidental loss of, theft of or damage to the cardholder’s mobile up to £/€800 per claim.
It doesn’t say anything about having to be away from home.
So if it is Metal and subject to those terms you have a claim or a complaint referral to the Ombudsman

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Wow this could be quite serious for Curve.
The mobile phone insurance is clearly advertised as separate from the travel insurance, no way to argue out of that.
If the mobile insurance is not separately offered, people who bought a metal plan based on the mobile insurance could now argue they’ve been missold the metal plan.


You’re absolutely right. What’s worse is that anyone that complains would have a extremely convincing argument.


So hang on I’ve just seen this after upgrading yesterday to Metal after a lot of deliberation, the thing that finally made me go for it was the mobile phone insurance!!.. so after reading the documents it does imply that it’s only whilst travelling is that the case? it really isn’t clear

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Yes - there is no separate mobile phone insurance despite how this is presented

ok i’ll query with support, have you asked them to clarify? and if so did you get a response.

I’ve written a formal complaint and also raised with AXA as they also confirmed my claim was in policy prior to it being rejected. Support just acknowledged and apologised for any ‘misunderstanding’ - I am waiting for a response to my formal complaint.

This is a massive con quite literally from reading this, I’m glad I didn’t upgrade to Curve Metal mainly due to the rather Low value of payout (£800£/€) if you want something that works for travel and a completely separate phone/ gadget insurance for the whole family with a maximum claim limit of 4 devices a year up to the value of £2000 open a Nationwide Flex Plus account for the same price plus other extras for being a Nationwide member (lower rate loan offers and 0% apr credit cards) my wife almost went for (Curve Metal) it too mainly due to the old pink metal colour and phone insurance as we’ve both had the iPhone pro max versions (cost new over £1000 I would have been out of pocket had I gone down this route. I would have been livid due to the clear upgrade section in the App showing Mobile Phone Insurance separately to Travel Insurance. @Curve_Joel could you not ask your team to listen to feedback from mostly all your customers and bin off Axa and go with the Nationwide model AA breakdown cover - U.K. Insurance LTD for Travel, and Lifestyle Services Group Limited (Excess £75 all Apple devices- £50 All other Makes and Models)
Curve time to bring something new to the table and worthwhile for customers whom could benefit from this and it wouldn’t be hard to implement? Thoughts?


Afaik they are already working on updating the metal plans, but it is taking way too long already. Also, the mobile insurance used to be for accidents around the home too, iirc. Don’t know when this changed, but safe to say that I am kinda disappointed, as I was going to upgrade to metal again, specifically for the mobile phone insurance.


I’ve only just noticed this after pressing the upgrade to metal button 3 days ago, I wonder if there is a cooling off period because I think I want to cancel this order because of this. Trouble is there isn’t anyone to actually talk to and on my previous experience half the support team don’t know what they are talking about.


I can confirm you have a 14 day cooling off period.

If you want to cancel your subscription you can email Curve via the following email address telling them that you want to cancel your metal subscription.

Thanks for your question.