Curve Metal Insurance (UK) - Mobile

That’s disappointing if true. I claimed successfully to repair a broken screen after I dropped my phone, exactly one year ago.
Exit, my plan description still lists the two insurances as separate

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So does mine but I’m being told by various people that it isn’t the case and when you come to make a claim they will only consider payout if on holiday or at least 100 miles from home

Ok so that’s encouraging that you have actually made a claim and got paid without being on holiday?

Keep in mind he said it was a year ago which is possibly policy changed over this time

True. Also I wouldn’t have thought it’s worth while just claiming for a cracked screen! wouldn’t the Excess cost more than the repair and you can only claim once in a year.

It depends how cracked the screen is and for that matter how new the phone is. I would say in almost all cases the £50.00 excess is less than what it costs to repair.

@tomghc Welcome back to the community.

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Depends on the phone. My wife’s Samsung screen cracked and we were quoted £400 by Samsung and £350 by third-party…

Blimey fair enough I stand corrected, it’s just where i live a replacement screen for my iphone 8 is about £45 but yes I suppose that is an old phone these days!

Anyway doesn’t seem to matter how much a screen replacement costs if you are not on holiday when it happens it looks like you are not covered, that really takes away the advantage of Metal for me I don’t think i will be spending £1500 at my 6 retailers every month to justify the £15/month

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I was on holiday but they said I was on Curve black and accidental theft or loss must be reported to the police…

And I had dropped my phone so the screen broke…

Axa sucks… took a month to get back to me and when I replied they haven’t answered back…

So I don’t know what we pay for really

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This quite a serious issue, if phone insurance is bundled in with travel insurance yet Curve are selling it as two different entities.

I’m sure that would mean most people would be able to claim it’s a misrepresentation? Unless @Curve_Joel could clear it up?


I would hope Joel can shed some light.

I did call Axa a few months back and they did ask was I abroad, so this makes sense. It seems it only covers you whilst travelling…

I would expect Curve to provide compensation or a better policy promptly after this misunderstanding.

Touch wood, haven’t actually broken my new IPhone 13 pro max yet!

Phew, because also you are covered in your home country (just complain to Axa if they say otherwise), you are only getting a maximum of £750 out of them for expensive phones.

Joel definitely needs to shed some light or someone has to.

I signed up to the metal card due to the phone insurance so if I’m only covered while on holiday then I’ve been mis-sold the tier.

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I did also call Axa insurance.
They confirmed word by word what @FlareCO stated here:

It is strange as I did have a successful claim more than a year ago and the accident was just at work. I wonder if they updated their policy while we are kept in the dark, maybe it is mentioned in one of the emails about updates to terms and conditions I ignored.
I feel as if my tire has just been downgraded :frowning:


Anything to do with AXA from my experience means a claim will not get paid out.


Just read this and I’m furious if true! My metal card now doesn’t such good value at all.

Surprised there has been no response from curve regarding this!


Indeed I’m quite irate I only found this thread after the 14 days cooling off period otherwise I would have most likely cancel my Metal membership! Now got to wait till 6 months are up before I can cancel it.

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Curve not responding to this thread or even acknowledging the issue is quite disappointing, as good as the premise of Curve is and how handy it is to have, this just makes me want to cancel which is so unfortunate.

I’m very confused as there are other threads on these forums that claim insurance can be claimed, even if you aren’t on a trip when the device was lost or damaged.

Are these threads old? Because I think something in their terms and conditions got updated

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