Curve not metal

Wondering if anyone else has had the same issue as me? I have a curve metal card and recently noticed that it has started to de-laminate and that it is not really metal, but a metal plastic laminate.

Are all metal cards like this? I’m sure my amex platinum and N26 metal is just metal? Or is it that i just cant see the join?

I thought metal meant metal, but it seems it should say metal plastic laminate card.

Thoughts and comments very welcome

You need plastic on one side for NFC to work. I don’t believe any contactless card can be fully metal on both sides, which is the case with Curve Metal.


I think Apple Card is fully metal, but it don’t have NFC payment chip.

Theoretically, it should be possible to produce fully metal card with NFC and magnetic strip. I believe it could be possible to use combination of regular and conductive paint to produce necessary levels of isolation and also draw fully functional NFC antenna, but production of such card will be much more expensive. And it also will be more susceptible to wear & tear, as it will be relatively easy to damage the antenna.