Curve metal lost in card machine

I tried to use my curve metal yesterday and it got stuck in the cash machine.
I phoned the number and they told me it’s not unusual with metal cards as they are thicker.

They can’t give me the card back and said I need to cancel and have the bank issue a new one.

It looks like curve charge £50 for a metal card. Is this correct?

I feel this is a bit unfair as I haven’t lost the card due to my own negligence.

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Ask for a new card via support and tell them exactly what happened.

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If my memory serves me correctly, the cash machine owner will issue the card to the bank/issuer, which Curve should issue this back to you directly?

Be a waste of material and the likes otherwise.

I assume you have Apple Pay (or similar) set up in the meantime (appreciate not helpful for withdrawing cash)

In Italy we can quite always have the card back directly from the bank where we were doing the withdraw… why not? :thinking:

Actually pretty interested in knowing what curve does in this situation. Here in Portugal banks whether it’s the same card that gets returned to you or a new one issued, there can be no charges as a card getting swallowed is one of the circumstances considered not to be imputable to the user

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