Curve Metal - Only commercial cards available?

I mistakenly signed up to Curve metal as a commercial user a couple of months back and on contacting Curve I was told that they couldn’t change my card to a personal one, I’d need to sign up again and select a personal card as part of the sign up process.

Just doing the signup now and no matter what I select for my occupation it’s only offering me a commercial card. Am I doing something wrong, or are there no longer personal Curve Metal cards available?

Has anyone here got a personal Metal card in the last year or so? I had one previously then cancelled for a while. Tried to sign up again and getting them to send me another personal one rather than a commercial version has taken months of messing around (and still no personal card). Have just had my support ticket sent off to the “dedicated team”… whatever that means.

Starting to think that personal cards no longer exist.

The by far coolest person in this community :sunglasses: has recently received a personal metal card, so personal metal cards still exist.


I wonder why they seem to be struggling so much with my account then? It’s utterly bizarre that it’s been so much hassle to try and sort out.

I have been commercial since I signed up to Curve in April 2016. I switched from commercial to consumer in December 2020 because HMRC started surcharging for commercial.

Thanks @NFH . Maybe they just hate me? :upside_down_face:

Hey @Textuality, sorry that it’s taking a while to sort that for you. We definitely still provide personal Curve cards. If your ticket has been passed to the relevant team then they should be able to switch you to a personal card shortly.

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