Curve Metal or Applecare+?

Hi! First-timer here, not exactly sure if this is the way to post a thread. Please kindly let me know if anything goes wrong.

I’m about to get a new iPhone and currently thinking about getting curve metal for the insurance. As an old Apple user, I usually go for Applecare+ (apple repair is expensive af), but I quite like the curve idea. Plus the insurance curve metal offers covers lost/stolen phones, that’s quite nice if I understand it right.

My problem is that Curve risk-control basically doesn’t let me spend any money rn after spending about 500 euros in the first month. Understandable as I’m a new user. Contacted the support team and they send me a request to verify id. Done. Haven’t heard from them ever since. I heard that the support team is having a rough time?

My questions are:

  1. Is this normal? Can I expect to use curve for almost all daily life payments with too much frustration after upgrading to metal and solving this risk-control problem?
  2. Do you think the insurance that curve metal offers is a valid alternative to applecare+? Is there anything important to notice?

Thanks a lot!

Hey @xiaoming, welcome to the Curve community! :smiley:

I don’t know if you have read the FAQ about the insurance of the Metal plan, in case I link you to it:’s-covered-by-my-premium-subscription-Bk5gBOhIO

You can read more here:

Let me tell you about my experience: I use it for everyday purchases and I am a metal customer.
Plus I get 1% cashback in 6 shops of my choice.

More info here:

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Welcome to the community.

  1. I use Curve for everything within my daily limit (an ugly £2000 per day) with no problem. I have about 7 debit and 2 credit cards linked to Curve all working fine.
  2. For mobile insurance I guess you’re better off with Apple Care + assuming your probability of making a claim is higher. The Curve metal insurance is only a secondary insurance.

Yeah I agree, Apple Care+ will generally cover you for more (plus it’ll be easier for Apple to deal with if anything happens to your device).

Thanks for all the replies. I guess I’ll get applecare+ then. And I think I’ll stick with entry-level free curve for now. It’s nice and assuring to know that you can use curve smoothly. I hope my situation gets solved soon.

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