Curve métal, paiement refusé

It’s a transcript of the email I sent.
I am contacting you because I have a big problem with the metal card since I activated it … !! ?? I am unable to make any payment. I explain myself when using the metal card for the first time I make a payment to Lidl > transaction refused … I thought to myself that it is maybe the aggregated card which is a “credit card” and not a " debit card"…

Yesterday evening, as a precaution, I change my card for a “debit” one, I am going to do my on Amazon and again transaction refused … :triumph:

PS: during my first transaction I made my code, I didn’t do the “contactless” at all.

Help me.

Best regards

We are only user on the forum

You have to contact the support
From the app or

On October 23, 2020, payment refused at McDonald’s …
I had already contacted customer service before and I am still waiting for a response from them …
For a card at 15 € / month, that leaves much to be desired … Already 15 days that I have it in my possession and that I do not benefit from the advantages.

Best regards

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