Curve Metal Questions

Please bring forward all your questions and we’ll make sure to find your answers.

Why is Metal only for the UK?

Our license is limited to the UK for now, but the goal is to offer this to all our customers.

When will I receive my Metal card?

Some of you have been waiting patiently for your Curve cards to arrive - they should be with you in 5-7 working days.

We had a huge demand for Curve cards since the launch, and our card delivery center has been striving to meet this demand. We have increased our fulfillment capacity and now processed the last remaining unfulfilled orders.

When can I use the Lounge Key?

The Lounge Key will be activated as soon as possible, it will likely take us a month or so. We are looking into showing the key in the app so you can use it before your Metal card arrives.

Where can I find more info on the Lounge Key?

In-app or at

I upgraded to Metal due to Amex, can I cancel and become grandfathered?

Yes, you can. Customer Support will help you downgrade your account and refund your money. You will not be subjected to the Curve Metal Card Fee described in chapter of our Terms of Service. Please note that your Curve Metal will be deactivated.

Which colours are featured and will new ones be added, i.e. black?

Blue, Red, and Rose Gold.

Community Member’s photos can be found here; Which metal card colour did you choose!?

BLACK color metal card has been suggested and you can vote on it :slight_smile:

Is it possible to get a Metal card without the subscription?

No, the different tiers are offered as bundles.

What are the World Elite Mastercard benefits about?

All customers with a consumer card can find their benefits here:

Are there any cancellation fees?

If you cancel your card within 6 months of subscription, you’ll need to pay £50 Metal card fee. Additional charges may apply depending on your Amex wallet balance.

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