Curve Metal - Redesign?

Topic. Is Curve working on redesign Curve Metal into a little bit more… Better looking? To be honest Curve Metal feels a bit retro and is in need of a redesign. As well with more colours to choose from.
The investor version looks very pretty. Would prefer that one but without the Investor stamp. A very nice looking card colour is space gray.

The regular Curve Metal

New metal investor card

Revolut Metal (very pretty looking)

Understandable though if there are more… Urgent projects to complete than this.

I feel the opposite. The Curve Investor card feels super generic, it’s basically the same as my normal bank card but in red, while the current Curve cards (even the Blue) just stand out by themselves.

But yes, I think Curve is planning a redesign eventually, although I hope they keep the current variants as a choice if they do (or make the redesign not so generic-looking).


Yes that’s a good comprimise. Let the user choose between Curve Metal Retro or Curve Metal New with a bunch of way more colours.
Personally I’m missing colour space gray a lot.