Curve metal transactions keep getting declined

Good evening team,

I have been having lots of trouble paying with my curve metal card since being upgraded. It’s linked to an Amazon MasterCard which I had no problems with previously.

Ever since the upgrade most of my transactions have been declined.

Can you please help?


To manage expectations…this is a user community, no Curve team here to give support on individual user issues.

Is there a decline reason displayed in the Curve app for these transactions?

When upgrading to Metal your spending limits get reset (one can contact Curve support to restore them to the values as they were before the upgrade). Did you check in the app you did not reach your ‘new’ spending limits?

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Thanks for responding, sorry I didn’t realise this was the wrong place. Noticed that help support was down and misread how to get help.

It says “Declined. Please try another card to complete the transaction”.

Bit confused as still within credit limits on my MasterCard. For Curve, it’s neither over the daily nor yearly spend limits.

Rather than trouble you, can you point me to where I can seek support from Curve please?

Appreciated, thanks!

You can either contact them through the app, open a ‘chat’ and get past the bot (this will create a support ticket) or you can send them an email on, this will also create a support ticket.

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Grateful for all your help!

It appears that the “Help Centre” was recently moved up one level from Account > Settings > Help Centre (where it wasn’t working), to Account > Help Centre.

Anyway hopefully it can get fixed now as I can see the chat function you were referring to (and recall having used it before).

Have a great rest of your weekend @poeliev!


All of my Transactions get declined. Before I asked support I could do transactions around 1.000€ a day, After I contacted them its now 0€.

They Said I have to verify (what I already die?) my curve account. Ill did that 5 days ago without any answer.

So Ill got like 1:1 the same problem.

To make this clear, I did contact the Support because of my delinces/my verification. Not Curve.

This is actually Sad.