Curve Metal vs Black Legacy

Hi Everyone,

so im one of the early adopters of the curve card i think, i paid £50 for the black card to get 3 - 5 % rewards / cash back how ever you call it.

Now im thinking of going to metal paying £150 for the year so i can use the lounge key.

insurance isnt really required as i have a anual travel polocy for me and my kids that has no excess.

and then insurance through the nationwide bank - again i dont use this but its there.

So my question is…

the rewards on the metal im confused as i see if your a original black then you get to not only keep the rewards options but then get given more is it 1% for the new ones and then still 3 - 5% for the old ones?

or how does it work?

its really the loungekey thats making me want to go to metal, nothing else really.

But i cant seem to find the info as i keep finding diffrent things about it all - its so confusing thanks guys n gals…


My reading of it is you either stick with your existing Curve Rewards or move across to Curve Cash - you don’t get both I’m afraid.

Is loungekey worth £150 a year to you? For the same or less you could get another card which provides similar benefits, or just join Priority Pass.

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This is exactly right, in your case, your rewards programme isn’t linked to your card tier at all. If you decide to upgrade to Curve Metal, you’ll keep your current rewards programme indefinitely. It’s only if you opt-in (you can do this by contacting support at, that you get access to the new Curve Cash, but you’ll lose your original Curve Rewards.

For me, I would say whichever programme has more retailers that you spend with is the better one. Some customers find that the original programme has better retailers so they stick to that one instead of moving across, while others move to Curve Cash as it has a wider range of retailers (including more European ones) than the original Rewards.

You can compare the two programmes here: