Curve Metal vs Revolut Metal

Unsure if this has been discussed yet; but I do believe Curve needs to counter Revolut’s features with Metal.

If you compare the two, Revolut easily out performs Curve. As a quick comparison:

Revolut Metal: £12.99/m

  • Travel Insurance
  • Priority customer support
  • Disposable virtual cards
  • LoungeKey Pass access (one free pass included)
  • 0.1% cash-back within Europe and 1% outside Europe on all card payments
  • Lifestyle Concierge

Curve Metal: £14.99/m

  • Travel Insurance
  • Gadget Insurance (though this is just part of the AXA travel insurance)
  • 1% Cash-back on 6 Retailers
  • Airport Lounge Discount
  • Standard Customer Service (no priority)

I love curve as a brand, and I’ve been using them since the beta days, and the only reason I’m currently staying with them is that I really want this company to do well, but at the moment the metal membership really isn’t all that great. They should at least match Revolut’s offerings, or preferably beat them in order to fuel the competition within fin-tech!

(ps. I’ve never actually used Revolut’s Metal, so there may be a massive issue with my post… looking at pure stats here)


I have the Revolut Metal -basically because as a non-UK user Curve doesn’t give me the option of metal- and so far I am happy with it. I never had to use the insurances, but I use regularly the concierge service.

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The Concierge service I think is the best benefit! Needs to be added to Curve!!


The best benefit is trading.
I made the annual metal membership subscription just by buying and selling stocks.

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Another feature I missed out on that Curve fails to counter! :raised_hands:

Lucky you. I am right now -6% of my investment. The only one which gives me profit is Alibaba… :roll_eyes:

I’m not a long term investor. My goal at the moment is to take pocket money every month.
I’m investing $1.000 in a single stock and when I have a profit between 30- 50 bucks I sell the stock and repeat the process with the same or different stock.

Under these terms my top score was $94 in a month.

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