Curve Metal without Metal?

I’m interested in the features and benefits of Curve Metal (especially Curve Cash!), but I have no interest in a heavier-than-normal metal card that costs £50 to replace, when a standard one is perfectly functional.

Does Curve intend to offer the ability to opt out of a metal card with the Curve Metal product?


I would say almost definitely not. As for one, for entry to the airport lounges you would need the Curve metal card. Oddly enough it’s the same reason why Curve can’t offer Curve metal for people (like myself) that wants to pay a one off charge for just the metal card. There is no way to blacklist metal cards at least not for the use case above.

I hope that helps.

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That would cause an issue for those who paid to have a metal card, wouldn’t it?

Why couldn’t a plastic card with airport lounge access be created?

Its highly unlikely that it will happen, there also seems to be a discrepency over the replacement of the metal card and the fee, it depends on the reason for needing a replacement card, the weight is about two plastic debit cards, and the build quality is alot better so you will most likely find you are never going to need to replace the metal card.

In a word Mastercard. They set certain standards that have to be followed. One of them is metal comes with insurance no ifs, no buts and definitely no maybes. Another reason is metal cards have to have the world elite subscription which is what is used to enter the lounges. I think it’s their way of adding services to the card that makes people want one. Which also makes them so expensive. :pensive:

A massive issue which is why no fintech or normal bank offers it. It’s subscription or full yearly payment or bust I’m afraid.

Plenty of plastic cards have loungekey access. Here’s one of them:

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That’s cool but that does not negate anything I’ve said in my second to last post.

The only thing Curve metal seems to have over the card I linked (which has its own different perks) is gadget insurance and I’m pretty sure that’s provided by Allianz, not as part of any MasterCard program and, as the numerous complaints about N26 Metal have shown, one can have a World Elite MasterCard with pretty much no World Elite benefits.

I really see no reason why Curve can’t issue a plastic card with the same lounge access and insurance coverages as Metal

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What would be the point? I’m not saying that might not be advantageous but since they’ve got Curve metal would they really want to upset their current metal user base? If it was a new product and of cause there was no Curve metal then fine but now…I’m not seeing it.

Why would it upset anyone? If one is willing to pay the same, for the same benefits with the only difference being having a plastic card to benefit from lower replacement costs or some other reason, how’s that upsetting to anyone else?

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It’s not such a crazy idea, with Revolut it’s possible to use a standard card while having a premium or metal subscription and also to use a premium or metal card after downgrading to standard. Nobody seems to be upset about this.

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I wouldn’t be too sure about that :point_down:t2:

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Paying metal prices for a plastic card, well I guess they say one is born every minute…I would definitely want a discount on that as the metal card costs quite a lot to make so pass me the savings. In saying that that’s just how I see it. (Obviously.)

I understand that point of view tough people here aren’t asking for any discount. In the US AMEX gives you, on request, a plastic card in place of a metal one with no added cost but no discount either

If I was interested in the features provided by metal, the metal card itself would be a deal breaker for the same reason no Portuguese bank issues metal cards. The business traveller in Portugal is very likely to regularly have to travel to Africa and South America, places where you don’t want to be seen carrying around flashy stuff or look in any way wealthy

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That sounds very strange as the card level / privileges associated with a card (Mastercard vs World Elite for metal) is “hard coded” in card first 8 digit: 53759-000 for blue/black and 53759-005 for world elite.
Choice of material has nothing to do with it.

I got Lounge key access with my HSBC Premier CC and it’s as plastic as you can be.

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I didn’t say that a plastic card can’t have World Elite please read what I have posted again. It’s highly unlikely Curve would ever do a plastic World Elite card as money talks and cowpats walk.

The only thing that matters is the bin of the card, they dont even care if the card has a loungekey badge or not at the desk.
Well, for example revolut don’t even obligate you to show your card for access, only the qr code.