Curve multi user spend tracking

Hi I’ve been using curve a lot not and am getting to really like it. So much so my wife has just signed up for her own card. I love the convienance of being able to switch cards in the App and only carry the curve card. The spending tracking is an amazing idea I first came accross it in monzo bank and it assists with my budgiting. I was just wondering if

A) there were any plans to link budgiting accross two cards so we can track account spending accross the household not just one card

B) if people feel this would actually be a good feature

C) if I’ve done my usual and thought of a feature that already exists

Ricky downs


Yes, this would be great for many joint situations, as people requested in several other threads. Also one family card registered for both spouses.

Hi! Thanks for joining us here.

There were some attempts for introducing something similar, but it hasn’t gained much traction yet. According to @Curve_Marie it has been forwarded to the Product Team, but we haven’t heard much about that since then.

Yeah, I believe so. It isn’t my personal top priority, but it would fit nicely within Curve’s idea of simplifying finance. Sharing finance between couples/friends has been an issue talked about on this forum in various contexts several times.

It doesn’t right now, but let’s hope it will!