Curve Never Charged me since May 2019


I would like to speak with Curve Support.
And this is an honest mistake.
Over the year I have been using Curve, I enjoyed using it. Ever since 2019 May.
I have a Metal Subscription but I just realised the Bank card attached to the subscription (not my other other cards) I actually closed that bank account last year around the same period.

I am looking in my Curve app and subscriptions and it says last charge May 16 2019.

So basically I never paid for my subscription. Which means MAYBE a couple things (from my POV)

  1. Their system made an error? And they did charge but it was never shown in the app?
  2. Their system of charging me, did not work or there is an overall flaw/ leak in their system regarding this?
  3. I am most likely due for a YEAR in Curve subscription :rofl: :joy: Which I am happy to pay, else I would not come here and write about it. Because that would also be a bit worrying if there system is actually on point?

How can I settle this, and can Curve team look into this?
If possible they send me a PM and the e-mail attached to my Forum login is the same I used for my Curve Card, if that makes things easier to track down.

PS: I live in London and Taiwan. Currently Taiwan so maybe if there is in need for a phone call, I want to hand out my Taiwanese number to Curve Support for a phone call.
PS2: I did not avoid paying Curve subscription, I just happen to see this TODAY when I was looking in the app. And I never realised it. This was a true honest mistake on my end or negligence. Or whatever you want to call it :smile:



Probably quicker if you contact them directly by sending an email to

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I just read my own text and it is filled with grammatical errors and mistakes a toddler would not make. I have been working too much these months so pardon my grammar.

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