"Curve" no longer available in the US iOS Appstore

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
When updating Curve since yesterday, it shows the Curve app is no longer offered by the developer on the US Apple Appstore. When i switch to the German DE Appstore same issue pops.

How to reproduce it:
Any interaction on trying to update my Curve app.


Device: iPhone 7+

App version:


Same for me.

Same here. No longer in the US store (which I understand because they haven’t launched in the US yet). But it’s in the French store.

I have my iPhone set to the US region for a number of reasons, and this previously hasn’t given me any problems using Curve, however I’ve noticed it appears that the Curve App has been removed from the US Apple App Store.

  1. It’s not findable through search in the App Store app
  2. If you force press / 3D Touch the Curve icon on the home screen and select ‘Share App’ it says “This item is not available to share”

Is this a temporary glitch, a long-term problem, or a permanent decision? It means I can’t update the app and wouldn’t be able to reinstall the app if it gets removed.

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:wave: Hello,

This isn’t a bug. We’ll be back in the US app store when we start shipping cards there :blush:

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What about your customers who were already using that app? We’re now cut off from updates from Curve including security updates until you restore the app.

So now you force me every time there is an update to delete the app and reinstall to have the app updated. That’s so frustrating…

One way to get around this problem if you don’t live in the US but use a US account for other reasons is, perhaps, to use the Testflight version of Curve.

Simply sign up to Curve Beta and you will get added.