Curve not accepted in couple of UK stores

Went shopping today with Curve set to Natwest credit card and to my annoyance…
Curve was rejected by Morrison Petrol (card at pump) and B&Q (Google Pay and card). In both cases I was forced to use my Nationwide bank debit card instead, which luckily I had with me.
only 3/5 retailers accepted it: Morrison, Wilko, Lidl.
Is there a list of UK retailers not accepting Curve?

For Morrison Petrol (card at pump) you may check the topic below.

For B&Q I am not sure what happened, but since B&Q is on the retailer list for Curve cash, I doubt that B&Q is structurally not accepting Curve cards, because if they did, we probably would have seen many more people in this community complaining about this.
Is there a decline reason visible in your Curve app?

In principle is your Curve card accepted everywhere a MasterCard Debitcard is accepted. There are a couple of Merchant categories that are blocked by Curve (see below), but not on the store level.

Blacklisted Merchants

Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number that is used by financial institutions for payment categorisation purposes. It’s worth noting that the same payment might be categorised differently with various payment cards providers.

Curve doesn’t allow most of the transactions categorised as:

  • Gambling – check our T&Cs for more information (see section “What can I not use my Curve account and Curve Card for?”).
  • Direct marketing – this type of transaction with Curve is considered high-risk.

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