Curve not being detected as payment app

I am using a Realme Neo GT 2 phone and the curve app is not detected as a payment app. Does anyone know a workaround.

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Can you explain what’s happening is the application installing correctly? Is the issue happening when you try and use the application or when paying for goods and services?

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The application is installed correctly, however when I try to enable curve payment it gets stuck on “Almost there” and when I go to the settings to set the default payment app, it is not detected.

I have tried checking everything but nothing seems to work so I am coming here for help.

Does your phone support Google Pay?

The problem is because google pay is not available in slovenia. I’ve had curve on previous huawei and it worked fine

Hey @Watermelon! While using a Huawei device you can use Curve Pay instead of relying on Google or Apple pay. In this case, it seems that you won’t be able to add Curve to your device to make NFC payments because your device is not yet compatible with Google Pay.
As this limitation is on Google’s side there’s little that the Curve team can do at this stage but if you’d like to reach out to our customer experience team then they’ll be happy to look into any possible workarounds available for you.

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Are there any known workarounds?

Has anyone got any solutions?

Sorry for not following up on this sooner @Watermelon! After your initial question, I went to our support team to discuss the issue on your behalf and due to this limitation being on Google’s side we’re not able to offer any workarounds. Once Google Pay is supported in your region we’ll be right behind!

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