Curve not 'completely' accepted at certain Cashback retailers

Hello, I think @poeliev mentioned in a previous post that there are no deals, no contracts, between cash retailers and Curve. At least, Curve could test retailers before adding them to the list.
You mentioned this Dutch supermarket where MasterCard are not accepted. I already mentioned INTERMARCHÉ in France where the Curve card is systematically declined online. Very annoying to choose a cash retailer just to discover afterwards that it does not work as expected.
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As far as I know that’s still the case. Though things might (have) change(d) with the introduction of the new Curve Rewards.

I guess in the Albert Heijn case it’s even more obvious.

At INTERMARCHÉ online MasterCard is accepted, but Curve for some reason isn’t working. And in the INTERMARCHÉ stores Curve is still accepted, so (certainly after Covid) some people still would like to pick INTERMARCHÉ as a cashback retailer.

In the case of Albert Heijn it’s mentioned on their support pages that only in a small selection of their shops MasterCard is accepted and in the majority it isn’t.

Betalen met creditcard

In sommige winkels kan je met je creditcard of buitenlandse pre-paid debetkaart betalen: de winkels op Schiphol, veel stationswinkels, de winkel achter het paleis op de Dam in Amsterdam en de winkel aan de Weteringschans in Amsterdam. Bij alle andere winkels kan dit niet.

Heb je een buitenlandse bankpas met het Maestro logo of het V-Pay logo? Met deze pas kan je wel bij al onze winkels afrekenen.

But as certain Curve customers might be living or working or traveling close to an Albert Heijn where MasterCard is accepted I don’t blame Curve for adding Albert Heijn to the possible cashback retailers and I (still) don’t blame Curve for not ‘testing’ their card at Albert Heijn (or INTERMARCHÉ online).

Well…, Still …, I deeply regret that one discovers some limitations with the use of Curve at some retailers, only after having chosen those retailers … That’s not fair. In my view :smiley:

I agree that’s not on if you’ve chosen a retailer and it doesn’t work there. If you contact Curve Support they should let you re-do your choice.

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Curve support allows to change our choice of retailers in case it does not work, as you mention. I thank Curve support for that, very good point. But I’d prefer to know that all retailers on the list will accept the Curve card. Would be simpler for all, don’t you think so?

If the Curve card would not be accepted at all at Intermarché or Albert Heijn I would agree and they both shouldn’t be on the retailer list. But in the case of Intermarché it can be used in the store, so I guess many French Curve customers would regret it if Intermarché could not be chosen as a cashback retailer.
If you have chosen Intermarché, but mainly want to use it at Intermarché online and Curve allows you to pick another retailer, no harm is done.

Well I’d put it another way :smiley: Intermarché Drive, very much used nowadays for some obvious reasons, should work properly. But I take your point. Nothing is perfect. And the Blue card is free :smiley: But as I can’t use my card online at my main local supermarket, I won’t upgrade obviously. Without mentioning the fact that some franchises won’t be recognized as belonging to a cashback retailer (Netto franchises for example). Anyway, some Curve features (BiT and anti-embarrassment mode) make the card still very attractive.

I have Intermarché as one of my cash back nominations. My Curve Card is always accepted without fail, although as the transaction often doesn’t identify as Intermarché (often only showing as Intermar) I keep the receipts and send a copy of them to Curve support who add the ccashback within a day or two. Never had a problem.

Hello, thanks for your comment. I am very surprised that your card works properly online at Intermarché Drive? Can you confirm?
My card works OK in a Intermarché physical store as often mentioned.
The topic is about the fact it works OK online or not.
It is very important that you confirm your card works OK ONLINE. Thanks.

My apologies, missed the gist of your post. I have not tried it online with Intermarché so am unable to confirm. I have tried to use the Curve Card online with one other French merchant and it was refused. I later found out that the merchant concerned would not accept any card which wasn’t a French card (my Curve Card is UK issued). I have however used it online with on many occasions without any issues at all. I think it may therefore be specific to the merchant. Hope this helps. Regards.

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I’m also a disappointed Dutchie, as lots of merchants won’t accept any MasterCards at all. A few things Curve COULD do are:

  • Removing “Albert Heijn” from the list for cashback. I upgraded my account with the idea of spending about 20% of all expenses over there, but they won’t accept the Curve MasterCard at all
  • Offer the ability to change the chosen cash-back labels, as for now I’m stuck with Albert Heijn wile they don’t even accept curve. (they only accept MasterCard at some expensive train station convenience stores).
  • Train your customer service: When I called them and asked to review what went wrong after my attempt to pay with my Curve Card at Albert Heijn, the customer service representative was only able to tell me that she was unable to find any payment attempt at all. She should know that in this case the merchants card terminal even refused to start this attempt as the payment terminal is hardware-configured to refuse any kind of credit card. The answer “we didn’t see any payment attempt” was confusing to me.

I understand that the MasterCard scheme is completely different compared to the maestro of vpay scheme and therefore hard or maybe even impossible to integrate in the curve platform.

You might try writing to support on this. I signed up for Black and selected Easyjet as one of my Cashback retailers. Little did I know that within a month the world would go into meltdown and air travel would disappear. I wrote to support setting out my case for being able to change my selection and they granted me a special exemption. Clearly they’re not going to do so every five minutes but it’s worth a try. Best of luck.

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