Curve or Chase?

I’ve started seeing this in the last week or 2. All transactions shown in the images are through Curve. Normally the CRV** is stripped, but suddenly on random transactions it’s not.

Is this Curve or Chase? I think I might have read another post on here with Curve transactions looking funny for somebody.

Please note that it’s not causing any issue. Cashback etc. is still applied etc. It just sets my OCD off :wink:

Hey @thecremlin, all transactions made using your Curve card will appear on your underlying bank card with “CRV” in front of them. This is to help you quickly identify which transactions were made directly with your bank card and which were made using your Curve card. :grin:

Ah. I should explain.

Chase strip the CRV. Just like Curve does with PayPal.

When I said all transactions were made with Curve, I didn’t mean just the ones I highlighted I meant them all :wink:


I think it is to do with the bank. I get it on some transactions with Chase, Metro bank, Sainsburys where CRV is completely off.


I’d bet it’s on your bank’s side. :bank: All the transactions I make via Curve have got CRV* prefix, so it seems your bank strips it sometimes…:man_shrugging:

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Like I said it’s not a real issue. Just cosmetic - at least for now.

It’s just it only started happening in the last week or 2 (it’s been fine for months previously) and I remember another post in the same time frame where Curve transactions had started appearing funny for somebody (with a different bank) and just wondered if they were related.

Reporting some feedback :wink:

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