Curve Pay NFC issues

Hi I’m a Huawei user, using the native Curve NFC pay for contactless transactions.

Anyone has issues that the app forces you to authenticate more than once, resulting in your first few taps failing? You have to passcode/fingerprint a few times before succeeding the transaction. It is annoying because the cashier will have to initiate the contactless state on the machine a few times.

This is despite already passing authentication and keeping the app open while tapping for the first time.

Hello! I use a Huawei Mate 40 pro. Why when I make a pay to POS, I have to unlock both my phone AND Curve app? This is has to be or that is a problem with my phone or/and app?

I have the same issue, on a P40 pro. It’s really annoying - present once - payment fails. Prompts to unlock device and load Curve Pay. Present again. Works.