Curve pay on Huawei watch

Hi, does anybody know if curve pay is also available for the Huawei watches (Huawei watch 3 pro)?

I’ve been looking for the curve app for watch3 pro for a long time. It would be good if it worked speciel I would use it from Hungary.


Hi, I asked support about this and it seems that Curve was thinking that they support it even though they don’t.

First I got a reply from agent that Curve Pay should be available on Huawei watch.
After I told him there’s no Curve app in the App Gallery on the watch and sent him screenshots, there was silence for 8 days.

Today, I finally got a reply. It’s from “Specialist Team” and they also think it should work as long as the watch is running Harmony OS. You can see full reply in attached screenshot.

I explained there’s no Google Pay because there’s no GMS, but on the other hand, watch has NFC, HMS and App Gallery. :grin:

Maybe they will do something about it :crossed_fingers:

I’ll write here when I get next reply.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve also asked Huawei and they say that the watch has nfc but it is not activated for payments.

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Well, NFC payments are working in some markets with Huawei Wallet, just not Europe.