Curve pay on Huawei watch

Hi, does anybody know if curve pay is also available for the Huawei watches (Huawei watch 3 pro)?


I’ve been looking for the curve app for watch3 pro for a long time. It would be good if it worked speciel I would use it from Hungary.


Hi, I asked support about this and it seems that Curve was thinking that they support it even though they don’t.

First I got a reply from agent that Curve Pay should be available on Huawei watch.
After I told him there’s no Curve app in the App Gallery on the watch and sent him screenshots, there was silence for 8 days.

Today, I finally got a reply. It’s from “Specialist Team” and they also think it should work as long as the watch is running Harmony OS. You can see full reply in attached screenshot.

I explained there’s no Google Pay because there’s no GMS, but on the other hand, watch has NFC, HMS and App Gallery. :grin:

Maybe they will do something about it :crossed_fingers:

I’ll write here when I get next reply.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve also asked Huawei and they say that the watch has nfc but it is not activated for payments.

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Well, NFC payments are working in some markets with Huawei Wallet, just not Europe.

Final update. There’s nothing to do but wait and hope for the best.

this news just dropped…

so it seems like a yes

I hope you’re right. The thing is this is not new promotion or news. Curve is featured in App Gallery as Pay by phone app for a few months.
App Gallery on wearables doesn’t have same apps as the one on the phone.
It seems they have to publish curve for wearables.

have you tried sideloading it?

No, but maybe I’ll try if I catch some free time.

Update: It’s a definitive no from support. At least for now :crossed_fingers:

I believe things are in the works. No official confirmation from either Huawei or Curve.
They’re now no2 manufacturer of wearable devices. There’s also no other nfc payment option on huawei devices. Curve just needs two things…
To work on HarmonyOS so it works on those wearables and multiple device support with device removal/approval using biometrics.

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I love using the curve application on my phone to perform contactless payments, I just wish I could use my Huawei gt3 pro smartwatch to instantly pay without having to get my phone out of my pocket since the watch supports NFC payments. It would be really convenient. Recently you added support for Huawei phones and you have released the Curve app for Harmony os, would it be hard to support Huawei watches with Harmony os too?