Curve Pay was logged off in the app(not by me) and not possible to activate again

Dear Curve,

I have been using the Curve pay since a couple of weeks. Yesterday i tried to pay again with Curve pay but i noticed i had to activate it AGAIN. I tried but it keeps on loading and loading without result.

Please assist.

Since this is a user community we don’t have access to your account. Please contact Curve support to help you with this issue.

This is not possible since nobody answers since allready 5 days. Also installing Curve on another phone gives an ERROR SENDING VERIFICATION CODE. This are technical issues.

There are several ways to contact Curve support (not only in-app).

Or webform:

But as it looks like you have already contacted support through the app I would advise you to give them a nudge on Twitter (@AskCurve) and ask for an update on your ticket.

Hi, I had the same issue and the solution I found was deleting all the data of the app and uninstalling and installing again. The with the new installation the curve pay option appeared and worked fine.

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