Curve Pay works on Android (in Slovenia), but not for Slovenian BIN Curve cards

…just said that we ALL want Curve pay option?!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sorry, just a curiosity.

I don’t get it: I understand on Huawei devices, but why should one feel the need to use Curve Pay on an android device instead of GooglePay? Is there any benefit ?

There could be technical issues which could impede Google Pay usage and/or somebody could not want to use Google Pay at all… why don’t simply enable it for everyone and let user to choose what NFC payment service to use? :wink:


I can’t use Google Pay with Slovenian debit cards or cards with a Slovenian BIN number on (Samsung) Android.
This applies to all debit cards of local (Slovenian) banks as well as the Curve debit card (virtual or physical).
That’s why ALL Curve users want to use Curve Pay because Google Pay doesn’t work.

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Any news on that topic? They said, they need time to fix it, but to me it seems, that they are only stalling.

From Curve support:

I can assure you that we are looking into this and will be back in touch as soon as possible.
Please be aware that, due to the relevant team experiencing high volumes at this time, this process may take longer than expected.

It is my opinion that Curve Pay will not work in 2021.

Curve app 2.94.1 (9 December 2021).
Curve Pay contactless payment still doesn’t work.
In these Corona times, payment by phone is very welcome because we do not need to enter a PIN number at POS terminals.
Curve team think about this aspect of using Curve Pay.

Open Curve Pay to ALL users… :smirk:

Works with new version 2.94.1.

Some users report having to re-verify their identity before turning on curve pay.

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It’s still not working for me with 2.94.1, how does one re-verify their identy? I see no option in the app

I have exactly the same problem until yesterday. I accidentally tried again and the “Enable Curve Pay” feature was activated. Since I wanted to check if it really works I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Now it doesn’t work again. Apparently something works but it is very random.

I have Huawei P30. The same also doesn’t work on P30lite and Samsung ??

Support is awful

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It works with BIN 55744480 (Mastercard Debit SI), but it doesn’t work with BIN 55742783 (Mastercard Business Premium Debit SI)

I have 55744480 and it’s not working.

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I also have 55744480 and is not working. I thing there is SW problem, since NFC payment was enabled suddenly. After I uninstall app and reinstall it again, same problem again.

Curve pay cant be enabled on oneplus 9pro… curve app is not even listed as payment provider…

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They have enabled this feature only for Huawei to date… :roll_eyes:

This is the problem since I installed app on Huawei P30 and P30 Lite as well.

Curve Pay does not work on version 2.94.1.
Verifed user on set-up (photo of ID card + selfie).
Slovenian BIN 5574-4480. Samsung Andorid 11 phone.
Re-verified (photo of ID card + selfie), proof of address (utility bill) and photo of funding card with bank statement a week ago.

It sad we cant use old uk cards any more which worked just fine with google pay…

But it works on Garmin Watch without any problems.

Gamin pay… not Google pay… :frowning:

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