Curve payments rejected by AutoAid

I’ve just tried to use my Curve card to pay for breakdown cover at AutoAid, but the card kept getting rejected. When I phoned them up, they said they didn’t accept payments from any “sort of new banks”, and confirmed they also reject cards from the likes of Monzo. Anyone else had this experience?

It’s obviously not Curve’s fault that AutoAid’s payment processor just can’t cope with a debit card that isn’t from one of the big retail banks, but is there any chance of someone from Curve reaching out to them to try to convince them to get their act together?

This is almost certainly in violation of their merchant agreement. You can report them here:

I have no idea how proactive mastercard are in following up on these reports though :man_shrugging:


Good call. Although I just tried and it looks like the MasterCard website isn’t accepting reports at the moment. It lets you enter all the details then gives an error message saying they’re “working out a few kinks” and that I should “check in soon”. :frowning:

They are actually very good at chasing it up, it affects the business model if its rejected when it shouldn’t be, so they do chase them up. Easier to get the card issuer to do it though, rather than yourself. But both ways work.

This has happened with banks as well who we have called to try to change their minds. What has had a much greater impact when their own customers reach out directly. Hope the page @podgib shared is up and running soon :crossed_fingers: Please do let us know how they react to your feedback. If they are not receptive to your feedback we can contact them (AutoAid and Mastercard) as well.

Thank you for flagging this Adam. Just a quick update from Marie’s reply, we have now escalated this issue and we are investigating it with Mastercard. We will make sure to let everyone know if we receive any news :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome, thank you! I still haven’t been able to get MasterCard’s website to take my report, and I couldn’t get through to anyone at AutoAid who actually had any power to make changes, so I’m glad to hear you’re making progress.