Curve plans to open its first U.S. office this year in Brooklyn


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When will curve start issuing cards to people in the US? Is it straight away? Or a specific date?

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It will be a specific date but we don’t know what that date is yet.

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Does this mean I will be able to add my :us: cards to my :uk: Curve account and have them processed in America to avoid foreign transaction fees? :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve already seen reports of people being able to add their American cards to Curve. And if those people spend in GBP or EUR, Curve is doing the conversion to USD (if they set their underlying cards to USD in the Curve app).

Or are you with this:

referring to the fee that is charged by some American cards for spending in US Dollars outside of the United States? If so, my guess would be that, after Curve launches in the US, your transactions are only processed in the US (instead of London or for Non-UK customers a EU-city after Brexit) if you have a US address in your Curve account (so if you are a US customer).


Yes, I was referring to the Foreign Transaction fee that can be charged if the transaction is outside the United States.

Hopefully Curve will implement smart processing so that UK cards are processed in UK, US cards in US, etc. To help minimise user fees.

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That would be great and we might find out how they will implement this (based on customer address, based on where the card is issued, based on the chosen currency, or even in a different way) before their launch in the US, since Curve has to find a solution for some EU-customers that have similar charges when London is no longer a EU-city.



Is there any news on a US launch?

Is there anything like this already in the US?

We are in the process of setting up the office at the moment, then the next step will be hiring!



Thanks. Exciting times. It seems to me that cracking the US could be a pivot point.

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There was a couple like stratos, but they did not have hardly any of the features that curve has
(no contactless etc…)

Isn’t getting in to the US market the top prize as they are the top country in the world by size and power cause Monzo said Ireland would be first base out of the UK to spread in to Europe instead went to America