Curve problem with Amazon: payment declined

I tried twice to pay an order on Amazon with Curve (standard) and my payment is declined. If I see between transfers it is “pending”. The card is linked to Poste Italiane, and by direct order without Curve everything worked.

Hey @danyw3v - welcome to the Community :grinning:

Have you tried messaging our support team in-app or emailing at They’ll be more than happy to help you out with this.

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With all due respect, a lot of people come here with their problems first as Curve customers usually reply faster and are more helpful than Curve official support channels

( How long to wait for Support to reply? )


No, but now send ah email.

We understand the idea behind this, however, this is not the platform for getting the account looked at and addressed. It’s best to let our Support team investigate the account because they have the understanding behind the declines. This platform is designed for discussing the product with other users. :slight_smile: