Curve processing problems, received message from support


i recently received this message from the curve support.

Hi x,

Charlotte from Curve here - I hope this message finds you well.

We recently experienced intermittent problems when processing a small number of card orders, this means a number of our customers were issued the wrong card. As we’re required to run occasional checks to ensure that our customers are using their cards for Business transactions, we will need to ascertain whether you were issued the wrong card for your spending use.

Can you confirm whether you use your Curve card for business spend or for personal use? Please also confirm the following security details, so we can reissue you a new card:

a) Your year of birth
b) House number and postcode

Once confirmed, we can get a new card sent out to you. Rest assured, your current Curve card will work until your new card has arrived and has been activated in the app.

Looking forward to hearing back.

Best wishes,
Team Curve

I’m on the metal plan so is it a free metal card replacement they offer me or do i need to pay the replacement?

If Curve made a mistake and gave you the wrong card, then the replacement will be free.

Hey @FlareCO, @Malik is right! If our team have reached out to you first about this then they will reissue your card for free. They just need to ensure that you have the right card to use :blush: