Curve Product Update April 2020

Unfortunatelly, it seems that Google Pay will not be available for EU (Czech) soon.

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Fortunately, all my Czech banks (ČSOB, Česká spořitelna, Raiffeisenbank, Moneta) now support Google Pay and Revolut supports it as well. I’m afraid Curve missed this completely… :yawning_face::frowning:

Lucky me I added my Curve Card to Google Pay sometimes in November when it was possible even for non-UK residents. Will buy new phone in autumn, hope Google Pay for Curve will be available EU-wide then. :eu:


Wait so what does Curve Fronted mean? Does this mean more transactions will be charged a fee?

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in simple terms yes.

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I can confirm i just added my card to google pay after so many times in past failed…i just made a try today and omg!! The card successfully added!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:thank you curve!!


GREAT! Curve 5375 9000… WORKS :star_struck: outside UK with :
Google Pay (confirmed)
Samsung Pay (confirmed)
Fitbit Pay (confirmed)
Garmin Pay (confirmed)
Wena Pay (waiting to be confirmed)
Apple Pay (from 2+ months ago)


The days where you have to look for your physical wallet will be gone. In the app, you’ll be able to see you full card number aka PAN, expiry date, and CVV.

Received my new Curve investor card today. Activated it in the app, then went to the Account tab to view the card details so I can update where I am using this for payments.

The View my Card Details option will show me the card number ( its a new card number), but VCC and Expiry date do not show in the View my card details.

How can I find these out if they are not on the card or available in the app?

This currently makes my account useless to me as I dont even have the card details to use.



I can confirm that I could add my Curve card outside UK (I’m in Sweden) on my Sony Wena smart band. I haven’t been able to try it in a store yet though…

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Maybe trying by delete the app and install it again??

I just got mine, and have the exact same issue with cvv and expiry date being blanks, so I can no longer use my card online.

I discovered that if I make the system font size smaller on display settings in Android Settings, then the CVV and Expiry are visible in the app.


@Curve_Marie back in the January update it said that Curve Metal extra benefits were being looked into: just wondering if there’s any progress, as it’s vanished from the list! There are loads of great ideas in the post: More Metal Benefits?

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The whole topic was summarised and given to our product team, the same goes for the whole Ideas category :smiley: Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!

You posted an overview of the suggested ideas and status here: Curve Product Update January 2020


Would be great to copy the card number from inside the app.

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Is-it working using the MST chip or just the NFC one ?
Please confirm :pray:
Thank yooouuu

NFC only at the moment.

As I know Curve said that Magnetic Stripe of PHISICAL Curve card is allowed, I never try payment by the way. My be I will.

Tokenized version of phisical card in Samsung Pay transmits both NFC and MST signals at the same time when PAY is activated via Samsung Pay app.

There are differences in payment procedures when someone pay via chip, magnetic stripe and NFC.

Because Magnetic Stripe reader in POS devices is always active:
Paying by sliding card, then enter bill value, then PIN).

Same is when card is inserted via chip and PIN.

BUT with contactless NFC, first entering bill value (or send by shop’ system) , then selecting contactless NFC, then NFC reader become active (green led lights or on dispay of the POS device) and AFTER that NFC phone/watch/tag must be placed near POS.

There was several times when I activate Samsung Pay and place my phone or move it near POS - BEFORE NFC value was enter by hand (or send via wire to POS) - so POS detects MST and start Magnetic Stripe payment procedure BUT magnetic stripe paymeny of tokenized Curve card is not allowed - so payment was declined.

Once I contacted Curve support and they explaned and confirmed why one of these payments was declined.

I hope that Curve team can reconfigure settings and allows MST for Samsung Pay tokenized cards.

Until then when playing via Samsung Pay hold your MST devices away from POS devices and only after green lights shown - move your phone/watch near POS.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, hope they fix this, cause I’m going to Morocco after this pandemic, and I really want to have to carry my phone only.