Curve Product Update April 2021

Curve Product Update April 2021

Hello everyone, it’s been a while! :wave:

This is a short recap on what we are working on, what we have planned, and challenges we might have encountered along the way.

New feature - you can now view your card balances! (UK only)

We’ve added a new feature which allows you to view the balance on your card in the ‘wallet’ section of your app!

You’ll now be able to assign a payment card to your bank account in the ‘My Money’ section of your app. This will allow you to view your bank balances when choosing which card to pay with - no more switching between banking apps to see if you can afford those takeaway coffees on your daily walk :eyes:

How to show your card balances:

  1. Open the Curve app
  2. Go to “My Money” (bottom right)
  3. Tap “Balances”
  4. Add your accounts
  5. Choose which card corresponds to your account

Balances is only available in the UK at the moment but we are working on bringing it to the rest of Europe as soon as possible. Any questions drop them below! :point_down:

Current Projects

Curve Credit
We’re still working on Curve Credit and are super excited to be launching soon! We’ve started testing our Swipe now, Pay Later feature with some customers and plan to continue this to gain valuable feedback. You can join the waitlist here if you haven’t already - Curve Credit is Coming soon!

It’s full steam ahead on the US ship! :ship: We’re working hard behind the scenes and are on target to launch later this year. We’re currently working on the onboarding section of the app and making sure there won’t be any hiccups with US details such as addresses and phone numbers. The waitlist is still open and you can join here - Curve USA | Join the Waitlist

We’re working on a super exciting lifestyle feature that will be very useful for your post-lockdown summer plans. Stay tuned for an announcement soon :eyes:

Launched Projects

In-App support
We rolled out in-app live chat support to Curve Metal and Curve Black customers over the last few months. We’re trialling this at the moment and will see what happens next!

In other news

In case you missed it


Exciting news :smiley: hope more info soon :grinning:


I am getting so many emails and app notifications about this in a single day. Can this be fixed, please? Thanks

Hey @Daddykay, can you please clarify what the notification are about, do you mean this Community update or notifications about something else?

The notification is about seeing card balances.

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I think that this is a really great idea. As soon as we were able to link banks to curve, this was the best-case implementation and it seems to work really well. My only feedback would be that for my credit cards I’d rather see what my current balance is instead of what I have available


I agree @mbj00

I have both debit and credit cards linked in Curve. This makes the mix of balances very confusing. The app needs a toggle so that customers can switch between £spent and £available.

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As well as usual brilliant :kissing: Curve app and Oohh la la …
excellent product and excellent news too.
Can’t wait until… :wink:

Thank for the update @Hannah! :heart: Nice to see updates are back. :+1:

Regarding polishing onboarding process for US customers, there is a bug :bug: where after you add your first card :credit_card: to Curve during onboarding, Curve app shows an error message “Card cannot be verified” (or similar) and you aren’t allowed to go further to the app. :no_entry: The only (probably :man_shrugging:) workaround is to add another (second) card :credit_card: to Curve - that will help and you will then get into Curve app and see both your cards there. :star_struck:

This is a general issue which happened recently to my 3 latest referrals. It would be nice if you could rise it with the team. Thank you. :handshake::slightly_smiling_face:

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Can’t wait to see what’s coming next! #goteamcurve

As I wrote in your Curve last survey, I’m fed up with your “always” new features only for UK users. I agree, you are an UK fintech, but at least, recognize it. Point.

Both uk and eu now so they can roll out to both but the follow original path of London to uk first then expand to europe next

What’s the point of new features if timeline doesn’t update and is blank always even when you do transactions the app needs redesigning completely it’s not working

Wonder if this will be MasterCard concierge ?

What about Virtual and disposable cards support ? You quoted this feature request in some 2020 product update threads but you omitted it in 2021

Hi. Do you plan to put available credit card stickers for smartphones? They are like micro-cards that you can stick under your smartphone in case it doesn’t have NFC:

Some time ago I asked also for a widget to change the default card from the Android launcher so I don’t have to pass through authentication for a very frequent operation that it doesn’t need any security in my opinion. And also would be nice the option to change automatically the card to an optional default one after the payment (or 15 min timeout) so always is preselected the one you want.