Curve Product Update April 2022

Curve Product Update April 2022

Referral Scheme Change

Our referral programme has changed from the 1st of April and anyone who refers a user to Curve will be gifted £15 in Curve cash. You can find more information in the FAQ linked above.

Bitcoin Conference- Curve Crypto Rewards

Shachar took to the main stage at the Bitcoin conference on April 8th to announce the next giant leap for Curve… Going to the moon. No, not as part of our April fool’s but by incorporating Crypto into our rewards offering!

We can’t provide full details on this yet but we’ll be releasing more information and this feature soon.

Curve X Lewes FC Partnership.

We’ve partnered with The Lewes Football Club because we believe their values of equality and empowerment align with Curve’s core values. We were thrilled to see the women’s team win against Liverpool last Sunday and we’ll be supporting them in all their future successes!

Bank Card Update With Same Pan

You can now add a new bank card with a different expiry date to your Curve Wallet providing it has the same PAN.

Previously, you would need to remove the old card and then add the new card in its place. This meant that you would lose the card’s transactions history from the wallet view. The transaction history would still be available in the transaction timeline but we decided this could be improved!

This change went live on the 21st of April. Please let us know in the feedback category if you experience any issues with this. :grin:

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