Curve Product Update August 2022

Curve Product Update August 2022

New Wearable payment method compatibility

We’ve partnered with Fidesmo, a payments solution company, which will allow us to integrate Curve into the digital wallets of various wearable contactless payment solutions. This is kicking off with our compatibility with the new wearable rings, Pagopace! Check them out if you fancy jewellery that brings both function and fashion. :ring:

We’ll provide updates on additional benefits of this partnership as they develop.

All card tier changes are now active

Changes to the Curve card tiers have come into effect as of August 30, 2022.

This means that if you signed up to our free card tier after August 30, you can add up to 2 payment cards to your Curve Wallet. To add more cards you can check out Curve X, Curve Black or Curve Metal.

Joined before 30 August and hold more than 2 payment cards? Don’t worry, we won’t remove the cards in your wallet right now. But you won’t be able to add any more cards or re-add deleted or expired cards going forward.

Our new tier, Curve X, is available for £4.99/month but we’ve extended the discount period so if you upgrade to Curve X before 4 September, you will only pay £2.50 per month for an entire year!

We’ve also decided to allow the use of Business (Commercial) payment cards on all tiers!

In-app notification improvements

During conversations with CX through the in-app chat, users will now receive notifications when a response has been received by the customer support team. This will help to improve the resolution times of ongoing investigations.

In-app account cancellation

Users on our free card tier can now cancel their Curve account without reaching out to our support team. This reduces the number of tickets they receive to focus on handling the more complicated issues.

What’s in the pipeline?

Still being worked on:

  • Introducing a card reissue button within the Curve app.
  • Improved card delivery time estimates.
  • Improved automated renewal logic for expiring cards.

We also have an exciting surprise coming this week for our future Metal users :heart: