Curve Product Update December 2019

Curve Product Update December 2019

This is a short recap on what we are working on, what we have planned, and challenges we might have encountered. We’ll post the update every second Tuesday of the month.


  • Curve Send
  • Onboarding process
  • App redesign
  • Samsung and Google Pay

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Phase 1 of Curve Send is nearly completed. The feature is being rolled out in stages. We initially started with 8.000 customers, which will be increased over time. If you’re not a part of the initial batch and someone sends money your way, you’ll get access Curve Send as well.

We have started looking into the option of sending requests and money to non-curve customers.


When the new onboarding process is ready, new customers will be able to download Curve and start spending within less than a minute :stopwatch: This will be made possible with virtual (visual representation) cards and X Pay.

With the virtual card, you will be able to see your full card details in the app (will require passcode/biometrics) and we will roll out the sleekest card yet. The visual representation of your card will mean you can make online payments using the card details, however, you’ll need X Pay to pay with your device.


  • New customers are now able to set up their own PIN as a part of the onboarding.
  • Customers will be able to spend minutes after signing up.
  • The signup will also be changed from using your email to sign up and using your phone number instead.
  • It will be possible to add shared payment cards onto other Curve accounts.


The new design for Android will be rolled out in the next two weeks. You’ll be able to choose between light and dark mode! :paintbrush:

We are initiating a new project in Q2 that will make it possible to do onboarding and lock your cards on your computer.



We’ve launched Samsung Pay and Google Pay. The next step we are on is push provisioning. This means that when you sign up for Samsung and Google Pay your Curve card will appear with a click of a button, no physical card required.

Although we have launched these features for UK customers, a limited number of customers outside of the UK have been able to add their Curve card. Google Pay and Samsung Pay will be rolled out internationally in 2020.


We’ve launched Curve Experts, a network of selected customers that will be contacted by the Product Team to share insights and feedback for improvements and new developments. :nerd_face:

You can sign up here.



Looking forward forward to the Android redesign!

Thanks for the updates


It would be good to also specify that you subsequently blocked the cards of those limited customers outside of the UK that have been able to add their cards to Google and Samsung Pay without letting them know before hand!

The least you could do is whitelist those cards and give back the functionality you so abruptly took away!

It was clear in the outgoing communication that it was launched for UK customers for the time being.

Dear Marie, if you follow the growing complains about this subject you’d realize that a lot of us opened an account in Curve and topped up our account after reading suggestions from other people in forums about the ability to use Google and Samsung Pay. We only found out about your outgoing communication after the problem occurred.
In my humble opinion, hiding behind “a clear outgoing communication” when you gave us a service, glitch or not, and then took it away WITHOUT even informing us, is BAD customer service.
You should at least show us the respect we deserve as your customers and allow whoever used this glitch to continue using it until you officially roll out this service sometime in 2020.
Don’t underestimate how important it is for a financial institution to not have glitches and not take away services abruptly. It is our money we trust you with!

:thinking: how do you top up your Curve account?

I stand corrected. I attached cards and used their service as they “sell” it, ie one card for multiple cards. Better now?

I have read your posts and am following the topics on Google and Samsung Pay.

Sorry to read that you set up an account before having the full information. You cannot top-up a bank account at Curve because this is not something that we are offering.

We will do better moving forward and ensure that such a glitch will not occur again.

If you wish to no longer continue using Curve because Google and Samsung Pay are currently only launched in the UK, please do get in touch with Customer Support. We will, however, launch it across all our markets as soon as possible.

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@Curve_Marie it seems we missed the January product update?

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@Will Next Tuesday :wink:

Personally I hope for some progress on:

But I know I am not the only one that is hoping for a quick realisation:


When will Samsung Pay be supported with Curve outside UK? Can’t understand what the problem is, it worked for all when the feature was released.

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The whole office is back in action this week, hence the delay :grimacing: Will catch up with the Product team next week and post on Friday!


Is there any news on when the app re-design will be coming to IOS users i personally think it looks much better and is more “Dark Mode” orientated @Curve_Marie

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Hope to get Maestro and Amex support here in Italy.

Although it’s not covered here, the end of year update that was e-mailed out says “Apple Pay? It’s coming real soon!”

I’m not going to hold my breath but I am cautiously optimistic that this feature might actually become a reality in 2020.

Still no update?
What about Samsung Pay?