Curve Product Update February 2022

Curve Product Update February 2022

February has been an incredibly busy month at Curve we’ve been working towards big announcements that are just around the corner! :eyes: With this in mind, we don’t have too many updates for February so it’s a short read!

Rewards Improvements.

We’ve brought Curve Rewards to additional regions and are now working towards adding new merchants to Rewards too! You can check which countries Rewards came to in February below:

Greece - 3rd Feb 2022
Lithuania- 3rd Feb 2022
Bulgaria- 3rd Feb 2022
Slovenia- 3rd Feb 2022
Croatia - 21st Feb 2022
Denmark - 21st Feb 2022
Slovakia - 21st Feb 2022
Cyprus - 25th Feb 2022
Latvia - 25th Feb 2022
Malta - 25th Feb 2022

Minor Quality of Life adjustments:

We’ve made some changes to the interface and flow in the Curve app for new users onboarding to Curve and upgrading to our premium subscription tiers.

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Hye @Curve_Joel what do you mean?

Hey @ebretteville, we’ve adjusted the in-app screen and text slightly for users upgrading their subscription from within the app. This is purely a cosmetic change. :grin:

When can I expect to see you bring Curve Rewards to Norwegian retailers? As far as I can tell, it’s still missing.

According to the linked post below Curve rewards is already available in Norway. Or do you mean that there aren’t any specific Norwegian retailer rewards available (that’s not any different for the Netherlands by the way)?

they already have for example

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Curve Rewards are officially available in Norway, but the supported retailers are typical retailers where you make one off purchases rather than recurring purchases. Retailers such as, Expedia and other travel retailers. They do have one online clothing store, one store for personal care, but the selection is pretty limited. In order for it to be worth the upgrade, there have to be more retailers. I would like to see grocery stores for example. Maybe an online one such as Oda.

Upgrade? In that case I think you are not talking about Curve Rewards, available to all tiers (also the free tier), but about the Curve Cash(back) retailers (only available for the paid tiers).


You’re right, I confused Curve Rewards and Curve Cash. At first I thought that Curve Rewards and Curve Cash were the same thing. As a Curve Black Legacy user, it wouldn’t have made sense for me to upgrade to a paid premium plan if the retailers listed in Curve Rewards were the one available in Norway.

However, it seems to me that Curve Rewards are more like shopping portals that gives you cashback for buying through them, similar to Which comes in addition to Curve Cash which is the more traditional cashback solution. (With no Norwegian retailers)


as cashback retailers they have for example Coop, Ica and Spar. I found the list here: Curve Cash Terms | Curve


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