Curve Product Update January 2020

Curve Product Update January 2020

Happy new year! :partying_face:

Let’s shake things up a bit this month and go through the Ideas category :bulb: The projects that make it onto the monthly updates are usually at the front of what we are currently working on, however, there is plenty more going on.

There are two categories: what we are currently working on, and what we are investigating. Ideas we are investigating might be brought to life, they evolve as we learn, and it might take a few years :smiley: If your idea is not listed here, it does not mean that we have rejected it :wink:

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Work in Progress:

Under Investigation

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Apple Pay???
And not only in UK!


I feel like Apple Pay wasn’t mentioned on this monthly update because we know it’s coming and it’s been communicated that it’s being worked on…


Same with curve metal in EU


Samsung Pay and Google Pay outside UK?


Do we know it’s really coming, though? I’m getting more cynical as time goes on…


Love this contact! As members of the community we are all clearly interested and keen to learn more! Thank you for keeping us in the loop, and please do keep us in it!!


Cant understand your comment, we are not keept in the loop. This update did not tell anything about things told in the update before.


Its told us what ideas are being considered etc, so we do know what we’re looking at long-term and short term…

I’m sure if you made your comment more productive, rather than saying its not an update, the team would be able to use the feedback to make future updates more to your liking?


Nonetheless, if that’s the case, it would make sense for it to get a mention in one or other of the lists.


My opinion it’s we need a bit of patience because we are talking about one card with many others cards in one. Compare to the competition.

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Apple Pay they say soon but that is just a hope given to us but all other payment platforms almost covered and Apple Pay still waiting

I don’t see why your email receipt says what’s mentioned in email will be on your bank statement but when you look it’s london mentioned and everyone thinks you used your card in London all the time when it’s used in middle of Dublin

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But other platforms still running only on UK…

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Like Samsung Pay. Is it possible to get some update to this?


Guess not. On twitter they just say “We’re working on this. Keep an eye on our social media for updates!”.

Please work to maestro card support, thank you very much

Where is “Curve Product Update February 2020”?

I thought these were posted on the second Tuesday each month, we’re already on the second Wednesday of the month.

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It happened the same in January xD They shouldn’t commit to giving monthly updates at specific days if they can’t do it

Maybe they are having too much things to handle?! I’m starting to think they are losing control of how fast Curve is growing

Maybe they should change their commitment to “monthly updates” only