Curve Product Update January 2020

If the European market is too much to handle, maybe they should rethink their plans of opening up in the US.
In my experience, Americans are far less forgiving when things don’t go their way and/or as quickly as they’d like.
Americans also have way more options than we Europeans do and outside from Amex, credit card acceptance is almost ubiquitous.


Have the same feeling . I do hope they can get a grip on everything :slight_smile:

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Yes, we can do that instead.

I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t have the update yet :pensive: It has been a hectic start to the new year with a lot of things in action. The goal is to have the update posted here by next Tuesday.


What about February update? I’m looking forward to it!! :joy:

They are busy, I would guess working on the new functionality they want to implement and February update is gonna be next Tuesday if they can.

Defo, Curve are expanding very quick, maybe quicker than they can handle, so to open up in the US could be detrimental

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Hope not. But as long as they not forget about rest of Europe and not focus only on UK and US

The February Update seems to imply that they haven’t forgotten customers outside the UK but I was really starting to wonder.
Now I’m just curious to know what the “Secret Project” is and when it’ll come to fruition.

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