Curve Product Update July 2019

Really? I had no idea. In my country it’s exceedingly rare! I don’t know even a single person to whom it happened, not even friends of friends (of friends…).

Not sure where you live but some details at

+1 for not wanting mobile number, I move between SIM’s for traveling and shift my CURVE to the device I’m using, I absolutely do NOT want to be locked down to the phone number if for example you force authentication against the number on the device itself. Please @Curve_Marie consider the global traveler here.


Oh nice! Curious to find out how the P2P works. :thinking:

I’d like to sign up for Curve Beta, please! :slight_smile:

This is why allowing signing in with multiple devices is critical, especially after this move.

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Love the interest in joining the Beta Programme! :clap::star_struck:

I’ll make sure to tag everyone who posted in the Beta Programme Launch Notification thread when the signup form is published :smiley: This way you will be notified when it happens!


Duly noted and forwarded to the product team @BendikHa, @Lucas, and @fwdlink! Please note that it’s linked to a number when signing up, it’s not specified whether it’s the same for signing in.

It must be, otherwise you’re now asking for additional information when signing up - there’s no way you’re going to make the onboarding process harder for prospective customers! Strange that you’re adding SMS when it’s no longer very secure, I’d be worried if people could go and spend my points or p2p funds.

@Curve_Marie can we have a discussion about beta sign up? I think that would be handy.

I would like to be in on the beta please, I was on the early beta (been with Curve from the start) but then got dropped for some reason.

Thanks for the tip! :smiley: Beta Programme Launch Notification

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I had not forgotten about you @robmckenzieuk. Will do some investigation to locate all previous beta testers and check if we can reach out to them.

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Thank you @Curve_Marie, that would be great as I’ve always been passionate about Curve and what it enables us to do. Have a lovely weekend.

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Would love to have you onboard again :smile: Will check with the Compliance Team whether GDPR would allow us to reach out to previous testers. Hope you’ll have a lovely weekend as well!

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Is it too late to sign up for the beta? If not, can I be in?

I would want to test the Beta

@Dotunmo @dishydr

No, it is not too late, but please show your interest in the correct thread:

Can you express your interest in this thread please?

That’s the first thread that I checked before posting here. But it seems I don’t have posting permissions.

My bad! You can post in it now :smiley:

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